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Animoca Brands and iCandy Unveil ‘Snaky Cat’ on Base

In a strategic collaboration poised to reshape the gaming landscape. iCandy Interactive Limited and Animoca Brands unveil “Snaky Cat” on the Base chain. An innovative Layer 2 (L2) protocol incubated by Coinbase.

iCandy Interactive, a leading game developer in Australia and Southeast Asia with an active community of over 370 million players. Partners with Animoca Brands to launch “Snaky Cat.” Developed by iCandy’s subsidiary studio, Appxplore, internationally renowned for innovative and award-winning mobile games, including those honored at Google Play, “Snaky Cat” brings a unique proposition.

“Snaky Cat” emerges as a multiplayer Web3 game where players control a unique cat with a snake-like body that feeds to grow. What sets it apart is the introduction of the Web3 dimension of “Play-and-Earn.” Enabling players to participate in a cryptocurrency prize pool denominated in TOWER tokens.

This launch takes place on the Base chain. A secure, cost-effective, developer-friendly Layer 2 solution built to onboard more users to the blockchain world. Coinbase, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, drives the Base chain. Aiming to establish itself as an inclusive and economically efficient platform.

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iCandy and Animoca Pay Homage to Classic Snake Games

The gameplay of “Snaky Cat” pays homage to iconic snake games of the past with simple mechanics. Players start the game with a timer that concludes when it reaches zero. During this time, they guide their slithering cat to feed and grow. Competing for rare power-ups, avoiding collisions, becoming the longest cat, and climbing the leaderboard offer a chance to win TOWER tokens.

This launch signifies another step in the ambitious vision of iCandy and Animoca Brands to harness the possibilities of Web3 in the gaming industry. “Snaky Cat” positions itself as a unique gaming experience that rewards participation, seamlessly merging entertainment with cryptocurrencies. With the Base chain as its foundation. This game marks a significant stride toward a more connected and inclusive digital future.

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