Faraland Weekly Update September 5th-12th
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Faraland Issues Weekly Update for September 5th-12th

As usual, Faraland issues the weekly update for September 5th-12th. In this edition, the team outlines completed projects alongside ongoing ones. They also hinted at other upcoming plans to improve the course of gameplay. This announcement comes after the launch of the Reign of Fire Tournament, which will end in a few days.

Details of the Faraland Weekly Update for September 5th-12th

The most prominent introduction in the Faraland weekly update for September 5th-12th is the Wheel of Fortune. In that press release, there was an image depicting what the feature would look like. However, the game added that the rewards in the picture are not the actual ones. They are just examples.

This lottery system will work according to the location where they exist. Wheels in low farming locations low-rarity materials when they spin the lottery material. The reason is that most heroes have a weak or medium strength. In this regard, they will not be able to farm in high-end locations or use very rare items. Giving users lower-level materials will enable them to cultivate the items they receive easily.

On the other hand, those in high-end areas will offer items of similar levels. The reason is that players in these places do not use their string heroes to farm. Instead, these individuals will stake them and receive even better rewards. By using this approach, the dev team balances the amount of the different types of materials. Such that there are enough items for both staking and cultivation.

Another completed software program in the Faraland weekly update for September 5th-12th is the gifts of gratitude airdrop for Elite Group. The mechanism now displays the NFT drop rates for every monster. With this new feature, you can calculate your farming much more effortlessly.

Faraland gratitude Gift Airdrop

Upcoming and Pending Projects

Besides the projects listed above, the dev team is working on other new features to ensure more competitive gameplay. One of such is the 5 new staking quests. This will help players earn more tickets and use the wheel of fortune. In addition, the system will soon be able to display the hero’s name and the in-game account name in PVP mode.

Speaking of additions, 4 new equipment sets and 3 unique pieces will be coming soon. Players can craft them or add them to the Lady of the lake.

The new equipment sets include:

  • Elf – Male – Mage (Lady of the Lake)
  • Angel – Female – Mage (Crafting)
  • Human – Female – Pirate (Lady of the Lake)
  • Elf – Male (Crafting)

These are the unique items:

  • Shoes increasing the evasion (Lady of the lake)
  • Papilo: new companion (Lady of the lake)
  • The mask increasing strength (Lady of the Lake)

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