Faraland Infernal Summmit IV
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Faraland Launches the Infernal Summit IV: Reign of Fire

Faraland launches the Infernal Summit IV. This comes after the team took comments and contributions from the community. In this regard, it will be issuing certain updates and make the tournament more attractive. Speaking of upgrades, subsequent contests will last for 1 week and the reward details will undergo monthly updates.

Details of the Faraland Infernal Summit IV: Reign of Fire

The Faraland Infernal Summit IV will go live on the 22nd of August at 9 AM UTC. This competition will continue till the 29th of August by 9 AM UTC. Once this session ends, the rank system will reset ahead of the next episode. Before joining this contest, players are advised to read and accept the commitment policy for PVP mode fairness. This document covers the governance process surrounding the organization of duels.

When the contest goes live, every player will receive 2000 base ELO. They will gain more points according to the victories they obtain or the Heroes they own. The system will select and match participants with similar elements. If this is not possible, the program will create a range of 200 points and arrange battles. This means that a user with 4000 ELO can face another with 4100 or 4200 in a duel.

Faraland PVP Launch

Although every player will get a base point, they will not always have the same number of ELO. This is because your Hero affects the amount of points they will get or receive after a victory. Speaking of Heroes, you can transfer them to other players. When you transfer your avatar to their wallet, they will earn the points that are equivalent to the in-game character. Also, you will lose 50 ELO if you do not come online for 1 day. This is within the hours of 00:00 to 23:59 in the UTC timezone.

Tournament Prizes

There are end-of-tournament prizes for participants at the conclusion of the contest. However, only participants who complete at least 20 PVP battles will get any benefits or bonuses. Furthermore, there will be more in-between prizes. One of such is the Top 10 Leaderboard Daily Rewards. This will be distributed to the player who finish the day with the highest ELO. Below is a breakdown of this compensation:

  • 1st – 3 Charm + 1 Rotten Meat + 3 Rattler Tongue + 3 Ox Horn
  • 2nd – 2 Charm + 1 Rotten Meat + 2 Rattler Tongue + 2 Ox Horn
  • 3rd – 1 Charm + 1 Chaos Oculus + 1 Rattler Tongue + 1 Ox Horn
  • 4th and 5th – 1 Charm + 1 Chaos Core + 3 Wolf Fang + 3 Shaman Eye
  • 6th to 10th – 1 Charm + 1 Arcane Dust + 2 Wolf Fang + 2 Shaman Eye

There will also be compensation for guilds, according to the sum of their members scores. The prizes include:

  • Dark Ore x80
  • Arcane Dust x80
  • Chaos Core x50
  • Rotten Meat x35
  • Chaos Oculus x35
  • Aqua Crown x12
  • Dark Butterfly x12
  • Demonic Essence x8
  • Devine Powder x1
  • Soul Stones x700

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