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Tiny World Officially Launches Its Tiny Lord Today

The play-to-earn game platform, Tiny World, has announced the official launch of its Tiny Lord game today, September 6. The launch is coming at the heels of the conclusion of the Tiny Lord Beta Test and the announcement of BETA ranking rewards distribution.

With the public launch, everyone can explore the game platform and use their best equipment and Tiny Heroes to enjoy the rich mineral resources of the universe. Tiny World has announced that it will perform many updates to the official version following the public test.

Highlights of the Updates to the Tiny Lord Official Game Version

  • Territories: The official game will have 60 Strongholds, 300 Outposts, and 120 Castles.
  • Fatigue System: The NFTs residing in the territory will go into a season of “fatigue” at the expiration of the protection time. The Lord’s combat power decays every half hour at a 15% rate and is reduced to a minimum of 1.

tiny lord

  • Combat Power Formula: Here, combat power is equal to a random figure between 1 and 100% of the NFT power. That means if NFT power is 1000, it can receive damage of 1 to 1000.
  • Protection Time: This is equal to Basic protection time and bonus protection time. Tiny World reveals that the Basic protection time is longer in the official game than in the public test. The highest Bonus Protection time will expand to 18 hours. The number of players with veTINC will affect this duration.
  • Occupy Territory: The highest number of territories each gamer can occupy is 15.
  • Challenge Limit: Each SSSR/UR can challenge a territory twice daily for free. The limit for SSR/SR/R/N/ is three times per day.
  • Territory Retreat: Following the withdrawal of a Hero, the Dark Legion (NPC) will reoccupy the territory. The power of the NPC is equal to the power of the three NFTs withdrawn. It is worth noting that the fatigue system will also affect the NPC’s NFTs.

What Tiny World has to Say about Its Game Development

According to the game platform, its team is committed to developing a rewarding game experience for all its users. Therefore, it will continue to enhance its product experience and economic model to support an exceptional blockchain gaming experience.

It is worth mentioning that Tiny Lord is one of the games launched by Tiny World. Others include Tiny Kingdom, Tiny Farm, and Tiny Dungeons.

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