Faraland: 7 New Race-Specific Skills Revealed!
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Faraland launches 7 news skill trees. Here are the details!

In the latest Faraland update, v0.3.4 has brought exciting new features: seven new skill trees for seven different races!

Each of these abilities is meticulously designed to enhance the unique capabilities of each race in the game, offering both active and passive abilities that promise to transform battle strategies.

Among the newly introduced abilities in Faraland is Fury Strike, intended for humans

This active skill allows the agile human assassin to lower the opponent’s defense and deal damage based on his physical strength, carrying out cunning and quick strikes.

Orcs have gained Vigor Resistance, a passive ability that strengthens their armor against physical attacks, increasing their defense proportionally to their strength, granting them greater resistance in battle.

For their part, the elves have acquired Poisonous Bramble, a passive ability that deals additional magic damage over time to enemies affected by the Tanglevine ability, exploiting their intelligence to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Fey beings have gained Shadow Word Blunt, a passive ability that allows them to heal proportionally to the magic damage they deal with the Shadow Words ability, giving them an additional tactical advantage.

Meanwhile, dragonborns now have Spin Slash, an active ability that allows them to deal physical damage to multiple enemies within a defined range using an impressive spinning attack.

Faraland Revamped: 7 New Skill Trees Unleashed in Latest Update!

Additionally, Angels have acquired Revival, an active ability that allows them to revive an allied hero with access to all abilities, albeit with initially low health and a long resurrection time.

Finally, demons acquired Life Exchange, an active skill transferring health between the Necropolis and an enemy, introducing a unique combat mechanic.

These new skill trees have altered the strategic landscape in Faraland, offering players fresh and exciting opportunities to improve their gameplay tactics and take on challenges with fresh approaches.

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