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FreeRiver Exchange Launches its First OG Gamified NFTs

FreeRiver Exchange, a Decentralized Exchange Gamified Yield Generation and Trading Tools Platform, has announced the launch of its first OG gamified NFTs which is slated to take place at 19.00 UTC today, November 5, 2021. The launch will cover the release of the FreeRiver Dragons and all their original on-chain game. 

According to the tweet from the official Twitter page of the platform, this would be the most spectacular launch of the game platform so far. After the launch, community members will be able to mint Dragon eggs, hatch the eggs, level up, and breed their dragons.

More about the Dragon Eggs

The launch of the Dragon game today will see the release of the first generation of Dragon Eggs. Suffice to mention that the FreeRiver ecosystem uses the $DRAGON as its rewards token on its platform. Users that collect $DRAGON tokens through the platform’s metaverse will be able to use the currency for the Dragon Game and the NFT Collection. 

To mint a Dragon Egg, users would have to “sacrifice” 300 $DRAGON and to unlock the minting process, users must have 50 $FREE in their minting wallet. 

Overall, there will be 550 Dragon Eggs available to users during the first launch and fifty of these are said to be reserved for Partnerships and Marketing purposes. This leaves 500 Dragon Eggs to be minted by users through the Dragon Game.

How does the Dragon Game work?

There are ten main Dragon Species and each of them has five subspecies. When a user mint an egg, the species and sub-species of the minted eggs will be randomly generated. The properties of the Dragon will also be assigned randomly when the egg hatches. These properties will determine the rarity of the dragon. 

The dragons will be used for in-game activities, including Breeding, and will also be used for out-of-game activities in the FreeRiver ecosystem. This means that players with the Dragon NFT will have special benefits on Farms and IDOs as the game progresses.

About FreeRiver Exchange

FreeRiver Exchange is an ecosystem on MoonRiver. It offers LP mining, DEX, charting tools, yield farming, gamified NFTs, and IDO launchpad. It is the first MoonRiver project that was integrated at CoinGecko and CoinMarketcap. Moreover, It is also the first to incorporate gamification mechanisms in the deflationary pressure for farmable tokens.

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