DinoX (DNXC)

DinoX (DNXC) is a play to earn style blockchain game in which players can own their own NFT Dinosaurs and explore a virtual world dominated by these creatures.

All Dinos, start as unhatched eggs, and players cannot know the contents of the egg until it hatches. There are many types of Dinosaurs based on real species that inhabited the earth millions of years ago. Such as the tyrannosaurus, velociraptor and triceratops, among many others.

These NFT Dinos have a certain degree of realism by respecting the proportions in their sizes and distinctive features of each species such as the color pattern.

Players can fight among themselves and with creatures that inhabit the DINOX WORLD.

The native token of this game is DNXC, an ERC-20 standard virtual currency created on the Etthereum blockchain.


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