$GMM Land Owners Airdrop
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Gamium to Airdrop $GMM to Land Owners

Gamiumis set to share 200 million $GMM tokens to land owners via an airdrop event. This will take place after it takes a screenshot of the accounts of these users. News of this airdrop comes just a few days after $GMM was listed on multiple exchanges. Here are the details.

Details of the $GMM Airdrop to Land Owners

The 200 million $GMM that will be shared is less than 1% of the circulating supply. Therefore, the blockchain firm will not be mining new coins for release. Between the 5th to 12 PM UTC of the 8th of April, it will take screenshots of players’ wallets.

$GMM Land Owners Airdrop Snapshot

By 15 PM UTC on the 8th of April, the following land owners will receive these equivalents of $GMM tokens:

  • 256 sqm Area #1 (1X1 Land) – 105,000 $GMM
  • 512 sqm Area #2 (1X2 Land) – 290,000 $GMM
  • 768 sqm Area #3 (1X3 Land) – 540,000 $GMM
  • 1024 sqm Area #4 (2X2 Land) – 830,000 $GMM
  • 1536 sqm Area #6 (2X3 Land) – 1,500,000 $GMM
  • 2304 sqm Area #9 (3X3 Land) – 2,750,000 $GMM

Users do not have to do anything besides purchasing land. Gamium is not asking anyone to fill out any form. Therefore, do not fall victim to the tricks of hackers. The airdrop is automatic and will take place after Gamium captures the details of your account.

How to Purchase Gamium Land

As mentioned earlier, only land owners will benefit from this airdrop. Thereore, the only way to own Gamium land is by purchasing from Openea. The reason is that the game is yet to have its own in-game marketplace. Although the sale takes place on this third party NFT platform, there are two ways to go about it. You can either buy directly or use the LAND Explorer.

Making a purchase through the explorer helps you select the specific land you want to buy. To use this method, follow the steps below:

  • Select your favourite Land from the Gamium map.
  • Click on the plot that you want to purchase and you will be redirected to Gamium collection.
  • Pay for the plot with ETH and it will be delivered to you.

To purchase land directly from Opensea, kindly follow these steps:

More so, the sale of lands is still ongoing and users can still benefit from this airdrop. Gamium further announced that Sat’s Island #2 plots will be available for sale once Sat’s Island #1 lands are sold out.

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