Gods Unchained Adds New Rotating Game Modes
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Gods Unchained Adds New Rotating Game Modes

Get ready for a new level of excitement in Gods Unchained with the introduction of Rotating Game Modes. These new game modes will breathe new life into the gaming experience and reshape the arena in exhilarating ways.

Behold the New Rotating Game Modes of Gods Unchained

Firstly, about a dozen different game modes are in the pipeline, and “Sealed Mode” is also coming. They will be available for a limited time and that makes them a lot more desirable. Also, the most popular ones will go into rotation more frequently as per the feedback from players.

Chaos Constructed: Build Your Deck with Cards from All Domains

Secondly, this one is the biggest and first of these new game modes. In this mode, all your cards are fair game and domain restrictions hold no power. This mode pushes your creativity to its limits, and it is going to change the meta beyond recognition. So, it does matter a lot even if just for a little while.

Chaos Constructed: Build Your Deck with Cards from All Domains

How Does Chaos Constructed Work?

Thirdly, you get the normal game modes like Ranked or Casual. Here, you need to build your deck according to the domain of your chosen God. But in Chaos Constructed, you can choose any card, from any domain, to build your deck. The only thing that stays the same is that you still need to choose your God.

New Deckbuilder

Finally, to make these new game modes possible, there are huge changes to the Deckbuilder. It’s now easier for new and existing users, and it offers a better overview of the deck that you’re building.

The new Deckbuilder also supports the new game modes better in another way. It automatically shows the cards that you can or can’t use depending on the selected mode. There is also more powerful filtering now to give you more control during the deckbuilding process.

Exciting Times Ahead

With the introduction of Rotating Game Modes in the game platform, players can look forward to a new level of excitement and creativity. Each of these modes offers something new and fun for the players. So, the Gods Unchained team is waiting for players to enjoy them and share their feedback as well. The platform is about to get so much better!

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