Sidus Heroes Launches the RUDRA Challenge
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Sidus Heroes Launches the RUDRA Challenge

While releasing the Ver 0.9.0 patch notes, the team announced that it had amassed 5,000 downloads of the Xenna app from the Google Play Store. To celebrate this milestone, Sidus Heroes will be launching the RUDRA Challenge. Players will be opportune to win limited-edition NFTs that will not be available again in this play-to-earn game.

Upgrades in the Ver 0.9.0

To ensure that players enjoy the upcoming contest, Sidus is initiating certain modifications to the game and other mechanics. For example, there are now new sound effects that emphasize gameplay actions and outcomes. Such that gaming becomes more intense and immersive.

In addition, the team is increasing the initial speed of robots by 30%. According to the press release, this feature will make gameplay more exciting from the first action. Meanwhile, there are no changes to the upgrades as Sidus Heroes does not want to alter the balance of games.

Details of the Sidus Heroes RUDRA Challenge

Details of the Sidus Heroes RUDRA Challenge

Rudra is a Legendary medium robot that has 4 laser guns that enable it to initiate strong attacks. This vehicle operates at full capacity to ensure excellent performance. During the course of gameplay, users can disable enemy towers from shooting by discharging electrical currents.

In addition to shutting down towers, Rudra can deceive its opponent by creating copies of itself. More so, this bot has a third eye that enables it to see invisible objects. Having this ability allows players to evade more attacks during battles.

The Sidus Heroes RUDRA Challenge will run from the 5th of July to the 3rd of August Players will engage in battles from 17:00 to 19:00 UTC every day. Participants will be given the opportunity to earn from 100 new limited edition bots.

To join this contest, interested people must have a robot of Level 60 and a Tournament Access Card. Meanwhile, Sidus Heroes is removing the Access Card from the shop. Instead, players will obtain them by reaching 100 cups on the Trophy Road.

Contestants can engage in as many as 6 battles in a day. They will get a Challenge Tournament Ticket – a one-time pass for battles. These tickets are specific to each tournament, and people cannot use them for a different event. Instead, they can get a Challenge Tournament Pass – a subscription that does not require tickets.

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