Gods Unchained prepares for mobile launch after partnership with Amazon Prime Gaming
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Gods Unchained and Amazon Prime Gaming announce alliance: Exclusive content for Prime members

Amazon Prime Gaming and Gods Unchained have teamed up in an exciting collaboration that offers Prime Gaming members exclusive access to content within the popular collectible card game (TCG) Gods Unchained, developed by Immutable Games, a leader in Web3 game development.

Season 2 of Gods Unchained, dubbed “Far Horizons,” marks a milestone in the game’s evolution, introducing fundamental changes to the game’s strategy and meta.

This new season brings with it a host of visual improvements, a set of new divine abilities, and a significant expansion known as “Tides of Fate.”

The latter adds 142 new collectible cards to the game, including nine exclusive “chained” cards that are linked to the effects of other cards.

Additionally, it introduces a novel mechanism called “manasurge”, granting additional effects to cards based on the amount of mana spent in a turn.

One of the most intriguing features of this expansion is the competition between two factions: Dragons or Mechs.

Players of Gods Unchained must choose their side and actively work to contribute to the success of their faction

This rivalry will influence legendary cards and an exclusive cosmetic design for winners of in-game events called “skirmishes.”

In addition to in-game content, a Gods Unchained content creator program has been announced, giving the most passionate members of the community the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity.

Creators will be rewarded with $GODS tokens, which vary depending on the amount and scope of their content, thus promoting the generation of greater and more diverse content related to the game.

As part of its expansion efforts, Gods Unchained is preparing for the full release of the game on mobile devices.

Following a successful pre-alpha on Android devices, Immutable Games has signed a partnership with iLogos to bring the game to both iOS and Android devices in the near future.

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