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The 7th Planet $TSP IDO Goes Live Today

The 7th Planet, a next-gen play-to-earn gaming metaverse, launches its token, $TSP, today, December 15 on the Dapp platform. The IDO event will run from today till December 21 at 4:00 UTC and the total sale poll available at the event is 100,000,000 $TSP. 

The currency that will be used in trading the $TSP is the $SGB. Interested participants with the accepted token can log in to the official website of the 7th Planet with Dapp and connect their wallets to participate in the event. 

Participants that were already accepted in the whitelist have been notified and they are entitled to utilize a maximum of 250 $SGB to buy the $TSP. Buyers would be able to purchase $50 TSP at 1 $SGB. All allocated $TSP for the whitelist that is not purchased will be directly burnt from the general supply. There would be no $TSP that would be retained after the event.

What is the 7th Planet?

The 7th Planet is the first play-to-earn game on SubGame. It is also the first strategic trading card game deployed on the main chain of SubGame within the Polkadot Ecosystem. Players in the ecosystem can create mighty planets through the configuration of different Planetary Equipment Cards to establish the evolution of the planet. 

the 7th planet game

They can also create ultimate celestial bodies and triumph over the galaxy. Players in the metaverse have a joint responsibility to develop and share the planetary resources within the universe. Using various NFT cards, players can venture into plundering, invading, or mining for resources. 

Players have the freedom to select their unique strategic layout and team with other players across the galaxy to create exclusive wealth.

Features of the Play-to-Earn Game on the 7th Planet Platform

The 7th Planet play-to-earn game is a time-efficient gaming platform designed to help players earn quick passive income. Players can generate offline yields with the NFTs and can trade the same for cryptocurrencies at the marketplace. 

Players can explore and unearth galactic resources of various planets to increase their assets. Moreover, numerous opportunities await players with crisis and danger along the way. The 7th Planet game is designed to be a game-changer in the world of NFT-based play-to-earn games.

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