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SOUNI Gets Listed on Binance NFT on January 12, 2022; Celebrates with Series of Events

SOUNI, a 3D MMORPG game platform, has announced its listing on Binance NFT. After passing the rigorous testing procedure, SOUNI has been listed on the Binance NFT platform and the token will now be available on its marketplace from January 12. 

This huge achievement has given SOUNI an incredible position as a world-class 3D MMORPG NFT-based game platform. Members of the game community will have the opportunity to trade the platform’s NFT in the global NFT marketplace. 

In celebrating the event, the game platform will hold a series of events starting from January 12 all through to January 30, 2022. These events come with huge rewards for the community members. Winners in the events will get whitelist slots to enable them to participate in the IDO of $SON token in the near future. They will also have access to event USDT rewards and NFT boxes.

Details of Celebration Events

SOUNI Captain

SOUNI’s Captain will be awarded to the community member that has the most contribution to SOUNI within a month. The points are awarded based on the ability of members to expand the brand of SOUNI and acquire more members and users for SOUNI. 

This event will start on January 12 and run until January 30, 2022. Participants will take part in mandatory quests given in the community and also fulfill some prerequisites to qualify. The details of the quests and activities can be found on the social media platforms of SOUNI.

souni sovi universe

Learn and Earn

This event will run from January 13 to January 19, 2022. Participants have to answer questions to qualify for the available rewards in the event. 10 questions are allotted to each session and the questions will focus on the game, Binance NFT listing, and mysterybox. A total reward of 210 USDT is available to be won. The value of each question is $3.

Whitelist Discord Campaign

From January 12 to January 18, 2022, SOUNI will launch its whitelist Discord campaign. The campaign will cover different activities supported by rewards for community members. Some of these activities include referral and engagement. The details of this event can be found on the medium page of SOUNI.

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