Gods Unchained Announced New Expansion: Dread Awakening
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Gods Unchained Announced New Expansion: Dread Awakening


  • New expansión “Dread Awakening” in Gods Unchained.
  • Launching April 22 at 6pm PST.
  • Includes 132 new cards, 13 legendary, and renewed game mechanics.

The Gods Unchained player community is eager for the release of its new expansion, “Dread Awakening“, which promises to revolutionize the gaming experience in this popular collectible card game.

Set to launch on April 22 at 6pm PST, players will be able to immerse themselves in a world of mysteries and epic challenges.

The expansion brings with it an impressive arsenal of 132 new cards, among which 13 legendary cards stand out that promise to completely change the game strategies established until now.

One of these legendaries, “Irina, Manashard Patron“, has sparked great interest among fans of the game, who speculate about her abilities and effects on the virtual battlefield.

One of the most exciting aspects of this expansion is the introduction of revamped gameplay mechanics.

The newDreadtouched” mechanic challenges players to explore sacrifice and transformation to unlock powerful abilities, while “Elderytch Mysteries” offers the brave the chance to master cosmic forces for strategic advantage.

The developers of Gods Unchained have innovated on the legendary card creation system

Now, players can obtain six rare, six epic, and six exclusive legendary cards through the crafting process.

This update not only rewards players dedication, but also adds an extra layer of strategy and customization to the gaming experience.

With the introduction of the new legendary card creation mechanism called “Shine-down“, players will receive meteor versions of the epic cards used in the creation process in addition to the legendary card created.

This innovation aims to make legendary card creation more accessible and rewarding for all players, without compromising the diversity and power of their decks.

Dread Awakening” not only promises to expand the universe of Gods Unchained with new cards and mechanics, but also seeks to improve the gaming experience for all fans of this exciting world of strategy and virtual competition.

With its release imminent, excitement and anticipation are at a peak among players, who eagerly await the time to explore all the secrets and challenges this expansion has to offer.

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