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ImmutableX introduces Trading Reward Programme with Illuvium

ImmutableX a leading Web3 game-building platform, has partnered with illuvium and introduced a trading reward program. Illuvium is a global decentralized autonomous organization with the goal to provide players an unparalleled experience.

The reward amount is 50,000 $IMX per day during the Illuvium Spotlight. This trading program is exclusively focusing on Illuvium: Beyond.

So, what is this program and how to benefit from it? Let’s dive deep in to find answers.

What is the Reward?

The coolest part is this trading program has no single but daily rewards. If you start now, you can have the chance to earn a share of the daily 50k $IMX trading rewards.

How to get a share of the reward?

To win the 50k $IMX trading rewards, you must trade Illuvitars, including Illuvium Land, D1SKS, Illuvitars, and Iluvitar Accessories.

Only such trades will count during the Spotlight towards your Trading Reward. It’s a great opportunity where Trading Rewards eligibility is not limited to one specific marketplace, and other collections traded for Trading Rewards will not be eligible.


How to participate in the Illuvium Spotlight?

The process is convenient and quick. Check out these steps to learn how to participate in the program.

Get a wallet

You can trade if only you own a registered wallet on Immutable. Make sure you have it. If you don’t have it, sign up for it.

Start Trading

You get an $IMX token in your wallet on trading (buying or selling NFTs) at least $10 of eligible Illuvitars collection on Immutable.

Calculate your ETV

You get rewards based on the Eligible Trading Volume at the end of each day. This is how you calculate your Eligible Trading Volume: Sell amount + Buy amount + Fees. For instance, if there is $1M in the total Eligible Trading Volume across the Illuvitars collections and your ETV is one percent of the Eligible Volume i.e. $10,000, you will get a 1% $IMX token reward that day.

Illuvium Trading Reward Dashboard

If you are participating in this trading reward program, you will be using the Trading Reward Dashboard frequently. You can use it to track eligible collection, transaction volume and rewards.

The Illuvium Spotlight begins on March 9th from midnight UTC, and Immutable will be rewarding traders daily. So, take advantage of this opportunity now.

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