MetaCene Alpha Test Set for July 31st
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MetaCene Alpha Test Set for July 31st

MetaCene unveils that its Alpha Test will be coming up on the 31st of July. After much buildup and anticipation, the team is finally offering players the opportunity to try the game. Shortly before the announcement, the team also revealed that the Alpha Test Website is live. Interested individuals can visit the site to ascertain if they qualify for the testnet.

This alpha test is not a not fully-developed and players may experience certain malfunctions. Some gameplay functions may also be limited. Anyone who notices any default should report it to the team. Furthermore, this is not a commercial version of the game, and it does not have a functional in-game economy.

Nonetheless, players will receive the following rewards for participation:

  • $USDT.
  • Power Ranking.
  • Weapon Master.
  • Mining Ranking.
  • Limited Title.

Details of the MetaCene Alpha Test

Details of the MetaCene Alpha Test

Starting from the 31st of July, players will be opportune to join the MetaCene testnet. However, this is only available for a limited time and will end on the 7th of August. Within this brief period, participants will access three main areas of gameplay. In addition, users will be able to form guilds, interact with each other, complete various quests, and earn rewards. Individuals will get to try out new features and share feedback on their experiences.

Preregistration for the testnet will begin on the 24th of July. The team will also provide the pre-download page within the coming days. Meanwhile, only those who are in the MetaCene Alpha Test Whitelist and players who own or have minted the MAN NFT can join this event.

There are three steps players must complete to enable them to join the trial version of the game. They include the following:

  1. Create an exclusive testnet game account. The reason is that the Alpha Test will be launched Rangers Test or Robin Chain.
  2. Verify your access by proving you are on the whitelist or hold MAN NFTs. Players can verify themselves using the same email through which they registered for the allowlist or minted MetaCene Apostle NFTs. They can also verify their account using the address of their whitelist spot.
  3. Visit the Alpha Test website on the 31st of July to access the game. Ensure to use the login details you created when you registered.

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