Mixmob: Racer Season 1 Starts Today! Here´s Everything You Need to Know
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Mixmob: Racer Season 1 Starts Today! Here´s Everything You Need to Know


  • City of Rebellion: In LFG City, players join the MixMob to reclaim lost freedoms, battling against the oppressive force of Helix-9. The streets whisper defiance, and early access offers exclusive rewards.
  • Mission-Driven Gameplay: Embark on racing, hacking, and scavenging missions to inch closer to victory. Collect coveted loot and assemble MixBots from Common to Legendary tiers.
  • World Clash and Rewards: Compete in the MixMob World Clash tournament for a $20,000 prize pool. Additional perks include MXM Staking, NFT rewards, and Glitch Pods. Join the movement and rebuild LFG City.

Today marks the electrifying launch of MixMob: Racer Season 1, a card racing game where players are summoned to the vibrant and rebellious streets of LFG City. This digital metropolis serves as the backdrop for a high-stakes battle against the oppressive force known as Helix-9. The city’s every corner whispers tales of defiance and the struggle to reclaim lost freedoms.

As the first Street MixBots and Masks emerge, crafted from remnants of The Great Delete, they symbolize more than mere machinery; they embody the spirit of resistance. Players are invited to seize early access to an exclusive Care Package, brimming with MixBot Parts and valuable loot.

The anticipation has been building since April 25, with early birds standing a chance to win 10,000 sweepstakes and secure their Care Packages. Now, with the app going live, each download and new recruit edges the MixMob closer to cultural liberation. The community is rallying, with incentives like 15 million. for pre-orders and downloads, and additional SUD$ for every friend referred.

LFG City is rife with secrets, and players are tasked with embarking on missions that involve racing, hacking, and scavenging. Success in these missions not only inches the MixMob towards victory but also rewards participants with coveted loot and MixBot parts.

Season 1 Perks: MXM Staking and NFT Rewards in MixMob: Racer

Mixmob: Racer Season 1 Starts Today! Here´s Everything You Need to Know

From May 14 to August 7, players will dive into the gameplay of MixMob: Racer 1, tackling Season 1 missions to earn their share of a 1.5 million SUD$ (150K MXM) pool. As they progress, they’ll gather parts to construct their own MixBots, ranging from Common to the highly sought-after Legendary tier, each reflecting their prowess and commitment to the cause.

The streets of LFG City are more than mere battlegrounds; they are the proving grounds for champions. The leaderboards beckon, offering a chance to claim a portion of a 3 million SUD$ (300K MXM) prize over biweekly contests.

The season’s pinnacle event, the MixMob World Clash, looms on the horizon, featuring a $20,000 tournament prize pool. Competitors will battle through stages from May 30 to June 22, with each victory earning them a raffle entry for substantial rewards.

Additional perks this season include MXM Staking, a Complete Stickers Collection, and NFT Staking, with potential earnings reaching hundreds of thousands of MXM. New features such as Glitch Pods containing NFTs, an in-game shop, and 4-player games are set to enhance the experience further.

As the movement gains momentum, players are called to action. Season 1 is not just about gaming; it’s a declaration of resilience and a collective effort to rebuild what was once lost. The time to join is now, to make a mark in the rich tapestry of LFG City and stand united in the face of adversity.

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