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MOBOX Releases Important Platform Updates

One year after the launch of the MOBOX platform, the cross-platform gaming metaverse, MOBOX, has released important updates and adjustments on its platform. 

These updates include MOMO Farmer Adjustments, MOMOverse Adjustments, MOMO Farmer new features, and MOBOX Platform Game Ecosystem Adjustments.

Highlights of the Platform Updates and Adjustments

MOMO Farmer Adjustments: There are stages to the different economic adjustments performed on the MOMO Farmer. The details are highlighted as follows:

MOMO Enhanced Cost Adjustment – Stage 1

The volume of MEC necessary for MOMO enhancement will reduce significantly. Following the update, users can view the requirements of MEC from the Enhance Preview.

BOX Raffle Adjustment – Stage 1

The total volume of the BOX super raffle will reduce from 18,000 to 15,000. However, the veMBOX prerequisites for the super raffle are still the same.

On the other hand, the maximum volume of MEC box raffle for the veMBOX lottery and the Hash Power raffle will quadruple and the number of people that can participate is also quadruple.

It is worth mentioning that stage one will be updated within a week.


MOMO Upgrade Cost Adjustment – Stage 2

The platform has removed epic MOMO and rare MOMO prerequisites for the MOMO upgrade request and the adjusted cost for the upgrade will also reduce significantly.

Legendary MOMO and Epic MOMO are to consume MEC whenever players upgrade from level 19. Gamers can view the particular MEC requirements in Upgrade Preview. This stage will be updated in three weeks.

Initial MOMO Hash Power Range Adjustment – Stage 3

  • The lower limit of new rare MOMOs will increase by 10 points while Epic MOMOs will increase by 20 every 60 days from September 19
  • The upper limit of new rare MOMOs will also increase by 10 points and Epic MOMOs by 20 every 30 days
  • A new parameter, Standard Initial Hash Power, has been added

MOMOverse Economic System Adjustment

Adjustments made to MOMOverse Economic System include:

  • MOBall adjustment, which includes MOBall craft addition with different features
  • An increased upper limit to the mastery level for material crafting up to level 9
  • Addition of the standard initial hash power prerequisites to the MOMOverse resource camp

Other adjustments and updates cover additional Block enhancements for MOMOs, MBOX-MEC Swap, and a new MBOX feature.

Adjustment to MOBOX Game Economic System

This adjustment covers different sections of the MOBOX game platform, including Chainz Arena, Block Brawler, and Token Master.

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