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Moniwar Announces the Official Launch of its NFT Marketplace Feature

Moniwar, a leading P2P metaverse on BSC recently announced the official launch of its NFT marketplace feature. Players will have the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade the Moniwar’s NFTs on the marketplace. The event is slated to start at 3 pm UTC on November 18, 2021

Players that desire to sell on the marketplace must prepare their NFTs and decide on the selling price while buyers on the platform must prepare the $MOWA to purchase items. The game platform announced this on its Twitter page in the late hours of yesterday. 

The press release that the company released through its medium page emphasizes that there will be transaction fees that participants have to pay when transacting on its platform. The fee has been pegged at 10%

According to the press release, 8% of the fee will be transferred to the Play2Earn Reward wallet and 1% will be used for Add Liquidity and Swap while the remaining 1% will be the cost of developing and reinvesting Moniwar.

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How to Buy on Moniwar Marketplace

Moniwar has released a guide on how players can buy and sell NFTs on its Marketplace. The details are as enumerated below:

  • Visit and select “NFT Market and then “Market” from the sidebar
  • Click on the specific NFT that you want to purchase. You will find the price and ID code of each NFT under each NFT. Ensure you review the info, ongoing price, and statistics of the NFT before you buy it
  • If you are satisfied with the information, click the “Buy” icon. The system and wallet will confirm your purchase and you will receive the completion notification. Check your bag to see that the NFT has been deposited in your wallet. If you do not see it, wait for some minutes and refresh. 

How to Sell on Moniwar Marketplace

  • Visit and select “Mint & Bag” and then “Bag” from the sidebar
  • Select the NFT that you wish to sell. You will see two buttons when you click on the NFT. The first is “Detail”, which allows you to check the information and the Pet and the second is the “Sell”, which allows you to put the Pet on sale. 
  • Click “Sell” and enter the price of the Pet and then click “Approve
  • Wait for some minutes for the system to confirm and navigate to “NFT Market” and then “Market” from the sidebar.
  • Click on “My NFT” and check if the NFT is already on the market. If it is, wait for buyers to show up.

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