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Monsterra Game Launches MSTR Accumulative Spending Campaign

The multi-chain NFT game with a free-to-play-and-earn mechanism, Monsterra Game, has launched its MSTR Accumulative Spending Campaign today, November 3, 2022.

Participants who spend at the milestone of 3000 $MSTR will have a chance to win a new NFT in the upcoming update. The event will run until November 8, 2022.

Highlights of the Rules of the MSTR Accumulative Spending Campaign

Players are required to spend the MSTR token to attain reward milestones. The spending cuts across Breeding Fees, Conversion Fees, and Unlock Fees.

Depending on the spending level of a user, they will receive in-game asset rewards and tickets, and the more MSTR they spend, the more valuable the rewards they get. The game platform revealed that ticket holders can use their tickets to join the Monsterra Raffle Lucky Draw Event.


Highlights of the Reward Structure

The more tickets a layer use, the higher their chances of winning in the raffle draw event. The highlight of the reward structure is as follows:

  • 10 $MSTR: One CO Ticket
  • 100 $MSTR: One CO Random Land Plot
  • 200 $MSTR: One UC Ticket
  • 300 $MSTR: One UC Random Land Plot
  • 500 $MSTR: One Rare Ticket
  • 1000 $MSTR: One Rare Random Land Plot
  • 1500 $MSTR: One Epic Ticket
  • 2000 $MSTR: One Epic Random Land Plot
  • 3000 $MSTR: One Global Ticket. This ticket has a chance to win a new NFT in the upcoming game update.

While the tickets qualify participants for a space in the raffle draw event, winners of reward items can consume them in different in-game activities to build up the realm and power up their Mongen squads.

Spending your $MSTR and getting exciting rewards is the norm in Monsterra Game. However, this $MSTR Accumulative Spending campaign takes the earnings and rewards to the next level. The game platform encourages its community member to leverage this opportunity to earn more.

A Little About Monsterra Game

Monsterra Game is a multi-chain NFT gaming platform with a free-to-play and play-to-earn mechanism on OKX, Avalanche, and BNB networks.

The game is built around the themes of farming, battling other lands, and property building with magical creatures called Mongen. The platform allows global players to explore a free-to-play and free-to-earn game with no initial investment and a high-profit stream.

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