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My DeFi Pet Reveals Details of How to Breed Pet V2 

My DeFi Pet, a virtual pet game, has announced the launch of the new Pet V2. Having made its debut in the My DeFi Pet metaverse, the Pet V2 introduces new changes in the functionalities and features of the game.

To guide users on the usage and highlights important changes that have been made, My DeFi Pet has released a guide on the changes and on how to breed the new Pet V2 in the new era.

What Happens to the Pet V1 after the Introduction of the Pet V2?

Pets V1 is still playable using the normal functions. They are also still tradable but players can no longer buy Pet V1 eggs nor can they breed them. It is worth mentioning that the smart contracts for the Pet V1 eggs breeding and buying features are no longer working. They will also be terminated shortly.

Highlights of the Pet V2 Conversion

Players can convert their Pet to Pet V2. When a player converts a Pet to V2, there will be no changes to its stage and it will remain as the VI counterpart. The only parts that will change are its appearance/skin and the stats.

The gene will also remain the same. It should be noted that the Pet V2 egg costs 10 $DPET and the first evolution process of the Pet V2 is priced at 10 $DPET.

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What is the Process of Breeding Pet V2?

The breeding limit for the Pet V2 is seven times. After completing each breeding process, the platform can increase or adjust the cost to breed each Pet.

Users should note that the Breed price of the Parents is determined by the number of times that a Pet is used for breeding. The following is the guide for determining the breeding times and the price:

  • First Breed: 6 $DPET
  • Second Breed: 7 $DPET
  • Third Breed: 10 $DPET
  • Fourth: 13 $DPET
  • Fifth Breed: 20 $DPET
  • Sixth Breed: 32 $DPET
  • Seventh Breed: 54 $DPET

That means if you breed a Pet Parents 1 for the first time and a Pet Parents the third time, the price for the breeding would be 6 $DPET plus 10 $DPET and the total cost of breeding them would be 16 $DPET. My DeFi Pet announced that Pet V2 must be evolved before they are bred.

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