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Monsterra Game Releases New Updates on Maxing Out Benefits in its New Economy

Monsterra Game, the multi-chain NFT-based game, has released new updates on opportunities to leverage numerous benefits in its new economy.

These opportunities cover the staking mechanism, sMAG mechanism, and MAG Vault.

Updates on Monsterra Staking Mechanism

Following plans to launch an innovative MAG mechanism, Monsterra mentioned it is currently working on boosting its current staking structure. The new update will enable players to explore various MSTR staking maturities options to boost profit earnings.

The staking mechanism is grouped into two – MSTR no-term deposit and MSTR term deposit. Also known as in-game MSTR deposit, the MSTR no-term deposit is the same as the ongoing staking mechanism. The MSTR term deposit has three maturities of six, nine, and twelve months, which correspond to three different revenue-sharing levels.

Moreover, staking for longer terms will earn users more profits. According to Monsterra, players can stake tokens in different maturities and also stake multiple times in one maturity. Interests on these stakes are paid every hour.

monsterra game

Updates on sMAG Mechanism

Monsterra has announced plans to introduce a new MAG Vault, which is a new MAG earning mechanism. MAG Vault is an innovative new feature set to launch in the next Monsterra update. It will enable players to earn MAG token rewards according to the MAG revenue of the previous day.

There are steps to earning through this mechanism and all players can participate. The first step is to burn the NFTs in the Vault and this will be converted into points.

The next step is to collect the accumulative point for each burning, and players can then exchange the points for the MAG rewards. Players can use their current NFTs or play games to win new NFTs. They can also participate in more events to win.

Updates on sMAG

In addition to the MSTR Staking adjustment and MAG Vault, Monsterra is also making adjustments to the sMAG minting and usage mechanism. This update aims to minimize the complexity new players experience in minting and using sMAG.

The adjustment is also to ensure a free-to-play mechanism with the token. According to the Monsterra game, players will be able to mint sMAG from the landcore every fifteen minutes. Also, the gamers can claim the sMAG whenever they want at their landcore.

The game platform mentioned that Landcore’s capability for storage is increased to about fifty times more than the current one. For usage, gamers can use the token to buy common in-game items.

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