MoniWar Introduces the Pet Levelling
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MoniWar Introduces the Pet Levelling

MoniWar has introduced Pet Levelling in the 7th edition of the MONIPEDIA series. This guide also gives players insights into selecting the most powerful in-game companions. Shortly after presenting this feature, the team also announced another edition of the monthly PVP tournament series.

Details of the MoniWar Pet Levelling Feature

The MoniWar pet represents the power of your Demon King and offers major benefits during gameplay. Levelling up your in-game companion is vital for better chances of securing a victory. These upgrades are also important because starter and airdrop pets have modest stats that cannot turn the tides of a battle.

The process of improving your pet is not just beneficial, it is also more appealing. Besides giving you better chances of victory, you get an asset that is unique and different from what is obtainable within the game.

When you level up, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Improving the ability of your pet improves its overall stats.
  • Besides their powers, these in-game companions will also improve in terms of appearance. At certain levels, their appearance will become more sophisticated.
  • Every pet has their specific elements, they include Axion, Dendra, Hydros, Pyros and Cthon. These attributes have their different upsides that you can employ in battle. As you upgrade your pets, their specific strengths will become more pronounced during duels.

Meanwhile, there are certain rules to the MoniWar Pet levelling feature. Users must consider the following when upgrading their in-game companions:

  • You cannot upgrade your pets in MoniWar beyond level 9.
  • Similarly, there are 9 types of Gems. Each of them has a fixed number of Levelling Points.
  • You can ascertain the points for each level in this Google Doc.
  • Before upgrading to a higher level, you must spend the same amount of Gems as the current levelling point.
  • Ensure you have the materials you need to complete upgrades. More details of these items are in this document.
  • You have a 100% chance of completing the ascent if you have the necessary materials.

Weekly PVP Summary


Shortly after introducing the levelling-up feature, MoniWar summarized the weekly PVP contest. The rewards are available for grabs, and winners must claim their rewards before 8 AM (UTC) on the 8th of October 2022.

As with usual practice, the contest will continue this week. The strongest Demon King will receive 500 $MOWA. 

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