Nakamoto Games Launches Crashy Chasy 2 in Story Mode
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Nakamoto Games Launches Crashy Chasy 2 in Story Mode

Nakamoto Games is launching the free-to-play version Crashy Chasy 2 in the story mode of its website. The new racing game promises to be very exciting and immersive for new players. This update comes after the announcement of NAKAVERSE 2.0.

Details of the Nakamoto Games Crashy Chasy 2 Gaming Addition

Crashy Chasy 2 is a racing game whereby players take on the role of a driver in a cinematic experience. At the start of gameplay, users will have to navigate through heavy traffic while running away from enemy cars. The scenes are very intense and are sure to keep individuals on the edge of their seat.

The Free2Play version is already live and everyone can access it in the Story Mode section of the Nakamoto Games website. To join the gaming adventure, new persons will have to create an account. On the other hand, those with an existing account can simply log in to the portal.

Considering that this is the free version, players may not earn money when they attain gameplay milestones. Nonetheless, Nakamoto Games is launching the Play2Earn version of Crashy Chasy 2 before the end of the week.

Despite the hint, the team did not give a specific date for the release of the full edition. There is also no information about the requirements to access the paid version.

NAKAVERSE 2.0 – All You Need to Know

Details of the Nakamoto Games Crashy Chasy 2 Gaming Addition

Nakamoto Game is transforming its gaming ecosystem by introducing significant changes to its virtual world. Following the launch of NAKAVERSE 2.0, players will be able to create a home for themselves on their virtual land.

On that same plot, they will be able to promote their brand and businesses in the digital space. In addition, individuals can also offer their products and services as in-game items within the NAKA ecosystem.

Once the new Nakamoto Metaverse is launched, there will be social happenings like festivals, musicals, and other events. Those who obtain events will be able to access these events in the future.

Participants will live, earn, and socialize in a fun-filled digital environment that incorporates various elements of real life. The idea of this product is to extend the ecosystem beyond playing games. Every digital asset will have significance in the real world.

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