A New Dawn in Lunacia as Axie Infinity Brings New Lunacian Badges
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A New Dawn in Lunacia as Axie Infinity Brings New Lunacian Badges

Today is a key milestone in the history of Axie Infinity as they unveil the first-ever Lunacian Badges. These are a token of thanks for all true Lunacians.

They are a way to accept and celebrate the many triumphs within the realm of Lunacia.

The Badge Breakdown from Axie Infinity

This launch brings out eight badges, each one being for a unique achievement in the Axie community. They are a nod to the countless achievements that are a part of Axie, and the platform plans to add new badges to honor all these feats.

Most of these badges are dynamic, and you can gain or lose them as you change your assets. For instance, if a Lunacian earns a badge for owning a Mystic axie and later sells it, they will lose the Mystic axie owner badge.

However, some badges are non-transferable and will remain with the owner forever. In this launch, the AxieCon and Axie Contributor badges fall into this category.

The Badge Breakdown from Axie Infinity

Badge Showcase

To display your badges, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. First, visit your User Profile on App.axie. Then, you need to click on the Customize Profile button.

After that, select Badges from the profile customization menu. Finally, choose the badges you wish to display on your profile and click Save Changes.

Once you’ve saved your choice, your chosen badges will show up on your profile for all Lunacians to admire.

Badge Queries Answered

Lunacian Badges are not linked to your Ronin Gaming ID. Owning a badge is only possible if you own the asset it links to. So, if you sell an asset linked with a badge, you will lose that badge. However, non-transferable badges will always stay in your wallet.

Right now, you can display up to five badges on your profile. The platform aims to raise this limit in new updates so you can show even more badges.

Non-transferable badges are ERC-1155 tokens that stay in your wallet forever. They are the same for all owners; you cannot transfer them either.

Celebrating the Community

The new Lunacian Badges are a great way to show how Axie Infinity aims to recognize and celebrate the achievements of players in the community. As the game platform grows and evolves, they look forward to adding more ways to honor their dedicated Lunacians.

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