Decentraland Launches a Community Focused Emotes Contest
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Decentraland Launches a Community Focused Emotes Contest

Decentraland is launching an Emotes Contest that is centered on members of its communities. Earlier this month, the team launched Emotes – a comprehensive initiative designed to bring users together in the metaverse. This program went live on the 14th of August and will run for four weeks. More so, this competition is part of the same program.

Details of the Decentraland Emotes Contest

This competition is designed exclusively for creators in the Decentraland ecosystem. In this regard, the Emotes that people will create must be related to the community. In addition, these in-game characters must be approved and published on or before the deadline of this contest to qualify. Any entry that does not meet this requirement will not be eligible.

After the event ends, Decentraland will distribute the rewards directly to the creator’s wallet address, which is linked to the Emote in the Marketplace. Considering this factor, it is essential that participants put their Emotes on the marketplace.

Speaking of the competition itself, it will begin on the 28th of August. Interested contestants have from that date till 7:00 AM UTC on the 5th of September to submit their works. Individuals must fill out this Google Form with the correct details for their submission to be considered valid.

Meanwhile, everyone who enters this competition will get up to $120 worth of $MANA refunded to their wallet. Although they can publish as many as possible, they will only receive this discount on one of the first Emotes that they publish. By publishing their Emotes on the marketplace, the contestants are giving Decentraland full rights to use these designs for promotional purposes.

Decentraland Metaverse Now Handy With the Launch of a Mobile App

Decentraland Metaverse Now Handy With the Launch of a Mobile App

A few days ago, Decentraland launched its mobile app. This initiative was driven by the DAO, and members of the community contributed to its development. Although the app was initially built in March 2023, it was not yet the complete package.

However, a DAO vote to receive a grant was approved in July 2023. This saw the project receive a grant worth $32,000 to ensure further development. Meanwhile, this fund would also cover expenses that were already incurred and account for further upgrades.

At the moment, the app features:

  • Genesis City map.
  • Marketplace Home.
  • Events.
  • Push notifications.
  • Tx Browser.
  • Watchlist/Favorites.

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