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Spider Tanks Launches The Knight Sale

Spider Tanks is set to launch The Knight Sale. The team is offering new in-game characters to give users an advantage in battle. In addition, body parts and other accessories will be available during this period.

For a long time, the fabricators have been working to provide players with new parts. Users who participate in arena battles sometimes need new components if their existing ones suffer damage. Other times, it is because people want to improve their tanks.

Considering these factors, the team is providing individuals with better tanks. This will ensure that gamers do not just end up with Arena scraps.

Details of the Spider Tanks The Knight Sale

Details of the Spider Tanks The Knight Sale

Spider Tanks The Knight Sale will go live by 12 PM PT on Tuesday the 23rd of May. Once the time comes, half of the total supply will be made available to interested buyers.

Discounts will apply to the sale of tanks and body parts during this period. However, the team can choose to remove these deals without prior notice.

The remaining half will be added to the Spider Tanks Store by 8 PM PT on that same date. In addition, any leftovers from this sale will be added to the reserved half.

There are four unique tanks available to interested buyers. They include those stated below:

  • The Carver: This tank utilizes laser technology to create a sharp and deadly sword. Contrary to popular opinion, this vehicle stands a good chance against other tanks. It also has the advantage of speed because its laser sword is light. Thanks to its weight, the Carver is very maneuverable, and users can easily avoid hits.
  • The Mantis: like its name states, this tank scampers across the arena with bladed feet. The Mantis has solid body armor. However, it is not too bulky to ensure mobility. Although it is not the most fluid, this tank can take hits when cornered.
  • Archmage: this tank is the perfect complement to the knight. It has substantial armor to enable it to absorb hits in delicate situations. Despite its increased padding, Archmage still has significant speed and energy to deal damage.
  • Roman Plume: drawing inspiration from old earth mythologies, this tank is a symbol to ancient Earthicans. Despite the design, this is not a primitive vehicle. In fact, it has additional armor, better resistance, improved physical appeal, and deals better damage.

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