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Splinterlands Art Contest Week 220 Goes Live

The blockchain-backed trading card game, Splinterlands, has announced the launch of its Art Contest Week 220. It is worth mentioning that the weekly art contest is Splinterlands-inspired original artwork.

Participants can create different works inspired by the game, in-game characters, and cards. According to the game platform, it offers high potential for exceptional curation upvotes from the Splinterlands’ official account and exciting prizes for winners.

Splinterlands has emphasized that participants do not need to have played the game or own cards to participate. Additionally, they do not have to be professional artists to contest.

What Creations can be submitted during the Splinterlands Art Contest?

Interested participants can submit a variety of creations. These include Drawings, Paintings, Digital Art, Comics, Logos, Blog Footer, and Blog Dividers. They can also submit art creations, such as New Card Ideas, Sculpture, Mixed Media Art, Dolls, Needlework, Cited and Sourced Mashups, or Computer Generated Art.


What are the Rules for Submission?

Participants must post their creations on their Hive account in any community platform they like. It is worth noting that Splinterlands will send the winning packs to the accounts participants submit to the content.

The game also emphasized that participants must submit their original art as plagiarism of any form will not be accepted. If you use unoriginal material or inspiration, you must cite it in your submission.

Individuals who use art from any unoriginal source for their creative process without citing the source will be muted within the community. They will also be excluded from participation of any kind in future contests. Here are the highlights of other rules:

  • Splinterlands requires you to describe the character or card you use as your inspiration. You must also demonstrate the steps of your artistic, creative process.
  • Each account or person can only submit one entry for the Weekly Art Contest. 
  • Splinterlands will muter and ban individuals found to have used multiple accounts to participate in the contest.
  • You must link the URL to your post in the comment of the contest post. You should not embed the link.
  • Participants must include a picture with their links.
  • The team will consider photoshopped collages without art as less original and may affect your overall score.
  • The platform may exclude you from being curated or winning if you do not include your progress steps and cite inspirational sources for unoriginal content.

When is the Deadline for the Event?

The deadline for the art contest is Saturday, December 24, 2022, at 5:00 pm CST. The rewards for the contest are ten Booster Packs. These will be shared among the winners. Winners will receive the prizes a few days after the release of the contest results.

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