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Splinterlands Launches Social Media Challenge with Bitcoin Halving Promo Event


  • Splinterlands announces a social media challenge centered around “Baron’s Bounty Bitcoin Halving”.
  • Users will be able to acquire Baron Fyatt and Henchling Enforcer during the 15-day event and compete for prizes and titles.
  • The challenge focuses on spreading the word on social media with specific hashtags. A limit of two upvotes per week has been set, and any infringement will be penalized.

Splinterlands (SPS) has launched a social media challenge centered around the promotional event “Baron’s Bounty Bitcoin Halving.” During this event, users will have the opportunity to acquire Baron Fyatt and Henchling Enforcer for a 15-day period to compete for various prizes. Such as land plots, Runi, Alpha packs, Beta packs, and more. Additionally, they can compete for the top 200 spots on the leaderboard to earn exclusive titles.

Participants are required to spread the news about the event on their social media profiles, using the hashtags #splinterlands and #play2earn to enhance visibility. To qualify for upvotes on the HIVE platform, participants must create exceptional content related to Splinterlands, including their referral link. They must also share their HIVE post on other social media platforms, tagging it with the designated hashtags.

Splinterlands Bases its Event on Platform Visibility

The deadline to participate in the challenge is Sunday at 12 pm CDT. Each competitor can receive a maximum of two upvotes per week, emphasizing quality over quantity. Additionally, Splinterlands has a strict policy against the use of multiple accounts to participate in the contest, with any infringement subject to penalties.

splinterlands post

Splinterlands/Steem Monsters manually curates posts, prioritizing entries based on submission order. Curators and official team members can grant upvotes to posts. With curators receiving higher upvotes as recognition for their contributions to the community.

The challenge offers an excellent opportunity for players to participate, win prizes, and contribute to the Splinterlands ecosystem. Interested participants must follow the detailed instructions and adhere to the established deadlines to be considered in the challenge.

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