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Splinterlands Set to Hold its 185th Art Contest

Splinterlands, the blockchain-based trading card game platform, has remained consistent in its goal to provide the platform for artists to showcase their original artwork. In line with this, the game platform has announced its 185th art contest.

Splinterlands offers artists and players the opportunity to win some great prizes in the event. Participants do not need to play the game or have cards to take part in the art contest. They also do not have to be professional artists.

Participants only need to put in their best efforts to participate in the event. It is worth mentioning that the platform has updated the rules and guidelines to make the contest stricter to avoid cases of multi-account usage and plagiarism. Everyone participating is encouraged to showcase their creativity.

What Creative Artwork Can you Submit for the Art Contest?

Interested Participants can submit different genres of creative works. Creative artwork eligible for submission during the art contest includes Drawings, Digital Art, Paintings, Logos, Comics, Needlework, New Card Ideas, Blog Footers, Blog Dividers, Dolls, Sculptures, Mixed Media, Cited and Sourced Mashups, and Computer Generated Art.


What are the Rules and Guidelines for the Submission?

Participants are required to post their creations on their Hive account in their preferred community. Your entries must be your original art, as plagiarism of any kind will not be allowed. If you use unoriginal source material or inspiration in your artwork, you must cite it in your submission.

If you submit an unoriginal art piece without citing the origin, you will be excluded from participating in future contests and muted in the community. Participants must showcase their creativity to compete favorably for the prize. You must also explain the character or card that you use and demonstrate the steps in your creative process.

You can only submit one entry per contest. That means you cannot have multiple accounts. Any participants found to be using multiple accounts will be banned from future participation and also muted in the Splinterlands community.

The deadline for the Art Contest is Saturday, April 23, 2022, at 5:00 pm CST. It is worth mentioning that ten Booster packs will be divided among the winners of the contest.

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