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PlayMining Releases Lucky Farmer Game Update Notice

The play-to-earn game platform, PlayMining, has released new updates for one of its games, Lucky Farmer. The game platform announced that it updated Lucky Farmer to Ver. 1.2.0. Highlights of updates include owner ranking rule change; and owner ranking now using a point system.

According to PlayMining, the platform now bases owner ranking on a point system. Players who earn more points will receive a higher rarity of farmland NFT. Here are the details of the updates.

Medal Ranking

The number of medals you have determines the number of points you earn. Players with one or two will receive the equivalent in points. However, players with three medals will receive four points, and those with four medals will receive eight points. 

When a player receives a colored medal with a particular number, the points they get will be a multiplication of the number on the medal.

Farmer Ranking

Players also get points based on the number of crops they have. The same mechanism that works for Medal Ranking works for Farmer Ranking. Additionally, PlayMining revised the recovery cost for the farmland NFT endurance value.playmining

In other words, the DEP needed to recover the whole endurance value from zero has been modified. Gamers can find the details of the adjustment on the game platform. Other adjustments include the time effect of different items, including Claw and Wide Wagon.

Also, the game platform has modified the duration of the Fence that shows when players use the item “Fence” and when they win the JACKPOT.

Highlights of Other Updates

PlayMining has also modified the bingo card position displayed when players obtain eggs. It has also lowered the mole appearance rate for the higher rarity of Farmland NFTs. Also, the game platform has changed the appearance rate of the moles to 0% when the rarity is at level 4.

Details of Bug Fixes

The game platform also mentioned it fixed a bug where the result screen at level up does not display. This generally happens when a player feeds the pet and taps the screen to skip performances. PlayMining also mentioned it would gradually distribute Medal Exchange Coupons.

This is to compensate players who have spent more $DEP than the revised fees of improving the farmland NFT endurance value. Since the update is complete, players can now access Lucky Farmer. However, they must clear their browse cache before accessing the site for seamless operation.

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