Tap Fantasy S4 Preview №4
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Tap Fantasy Issues S4 Preview №4

Tap Fantasy has issued the S4 Preview №4. This is the fourth edition of this unveiling series, with the first, second and third trailers already out. While making the announcement, the team hoped that this would be the second last leak. They also stated that the final version would be a unique combat system.

Details of the Tap Fantasy S4 Preview №4

Excavation is one of the new features in the Tap Fantasy S4 Preview №4. Players can dig into specific Odom lands when the next series goes live. They will see the energy and the pickaxe option on their avatar once they approach the site. The original block will appear, and the area will become available once you complete the process.

Meanwhile, this process is energy-consuming and users with low energy will be unable to excavate. Nonetheless, they can rest and recuperate with time. On the other hand, you can use the energy potion to recover faster. In addition, the rarity of the pickaxe must meet the minimum requirement. Otherwise, users cannot excavate the particular land. You can click on the block to get the necessary advice.

Another highlight from the Tap Fantasy S4 Preview №4 is Veins located in areas you can dig. They consume energy and require specific pickaxe specifications to be excavated. You will get some loot once you complete the process. Even better, these veins will respawn, and you can always get them over again.

Meanwhile, you can only mine Elemental Veins when you have NFTs with elemental points. The elemental veins are Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. As such, you must have their corresponding NFTs to get them. Meanwhile, these loot items will be placed in a scenario, and players must complete fights to obtain them.

Maps 2.0

Maps in the Tap Fantasy S4 Preview №4

Many new places are coming to the new map. The Dark Dungeon will be added to the Wasteland. There are multiple floors within this section. Players can access the next base after defeating the Boss. They can also teleport to this region.

Meanwhile, you must kill mobs on the field to find pieces of the dark dungeon treasure map. Each piece correlates to a floor of the dark dungeon. You will be shown where the treasure is on the map once you have all 4 pieces. This in-game loot can either be a block or a mystery box. Unlocking the box consumes all the treasure map pieces that you have.

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