Artisan Blacksmith’s Race from Faraland Coming Up!
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Artisan Blacksmith’s Race from Faraland Coming Up!

Faraland now has a new feature, Artisan Blacksmith, and it lets players forge rare and valuable items. The Artisan Blacksmith’s Race is a unique competition that will unveil the fastest blacksmith and celebrate their work.

We are sharing the details of this event and how it can elevate your experience.

Understanding Artisan Blacksmithing

The Artisan Blacksmith’s Race is just for skilled blacksmiths who have the “Artisan Blacksmith” ability. This ability lets players craft rare and valuable items, and the race adds some competition to it. So, blacksmiths will want to show their skills and do so in the least possible time and attempts.

Race Duration and Information

The Artisan Blacksmith’s Race will start on October 19th, 8:00 AM UTC, and end on October 24th, 8:00 AM UTC. During this time, players can join and compete to fill four bars for four rarities: Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Common.

Each bar fills up with each crafting attempt, and the number of times each bar is filled is independent of the others.

Understanding Artisan Blacksmithing

Filling the Rarity Bars

The Common Bar requires 50 crafting attempts to fill, while the Uncommon Bar and Rare Bar require 60 and 55 attempts, respectively. The Epic Bar, being the most challenging, demands only 30 crafting attempts to fill.

Once a bar is full, a glowing orb appears, indicating that the next craft will yield the highest rarity for that bar type. After the successful craft, the progress bar resets to zero, and the artisan count restarts.

Exceptional Rewards from Faraland

The top four participants who complete the Artisan Blacksmith Bar the fastest and follow all the steps will receive huge rewards.

They include 1200 FARA for the Top Bar Epic winner, 1000 FARA for the Top Bar Rare winner, 800 FARA for the Top Bar Uncommon winner, and 500 FARA for the Top Bar Common winner. The Crafting Fee for each winner will also be added to the rewards.

Participation Steps

To be a part of the Artisan Blacksmith’s Race, players must follow a few simple steps. Firstly, they need to retweet the official release post on Twitter. Secondly, they need to craft by visiting the relevant page.

Thirdly, they must record the moment they complete the Artisan Blacksmith Bar. Finally, they will send the video to Faraland’s Twitter message with their name, wallet address, date, time, and video.

This event from Faraland is a huge chance for players to show their blacksmithing skills and creativity. So, be sure to take part in it and become the fastest crafter on the game platform.

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