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Axie Unveils Road to Axiecon

Axie Infinity – one of the pioneers of GameFi has announced a community gaming event. The Road to Axiecon, it features a $1 million prize pool across 3 events. It will feature thousands of players competing across three different phases of gameplay.

Details of The Road to Axiecon

The Road to Axiecon begins on the 28th of July, which is just 24 days from now. More so, it will continue till the 10th of September. This massive contest will feature open qualifiers from the opening date till the 7th of August. Besides the price rewards, there will also be additional benefits for top ranking players.

During this period, about 64,000 players will get the opportunity to progress into the next phase. However, participants will be divided into two regions – East and West. Where the highest ranking players will be separated into groups in the advanced stages of the contest.

To be able to participate, interested person will have to purchase a ticket via the Axiecon official website. The price is $150 per one unit. However, there is a $31.50 tax in addition to the initial cost. Which brings the total to $181.50.

Phases in the Axiecon Contest

Axie Infinity Land Staking in 24 Hours

There are three different stages in this competition. They are as shown below:

  • Axie Classic World Championships: This part of the contest will run from the 28th of July till the 7th of August and feature an open qualifiers system.  It will feature three different levels and a $500,000 price reward. In addition, the top 16 players will also get an all expense paid trip to Barcelona, Spain. This edition will combine both online and physical gaming.
  • Axie Origin BYOD Series: The Axie Bring-Your-Own-Device series will run from the 8th to the 10th of September, in Barcelona. More so, this version will be mostly physical. As its name state, players will have to bring their own phones, tablets and laptops. Desktop computers will be rejected. More than 2,000 players will battle it out for $400,000 reward within 3 days.
  • Axie Origin Stadium Series: this will be a special experience for individuals who have an Axiecon ticket. They will have access to the 1,024 seats available per each day of the competition. There will also be a price pool of $100,000 that will be distributed among the best users. Like with the BYOD edition, players will have to bring their own digital devices. Meanwhile, the team will not make any exceptions for Apple users.

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