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Beijing Set to Build its Metaverse Industry

Following its commitment to systematically promoting the growth of Metaverse-related industries in Beijing, creating an urban-focused technological innovation highland, and helping Beijing create a benchmark city for its digital economy, the government is set to build a Metaverse in Beijing.

The government reveals that it is committed to deploying the construction of the sub-center with top-quality development as its theme.

Using a coordinated strategic action plan, the government says it will build Beijing International Science & Technology Innovation Center and implement the plans for Beijing to build a global digital economy benchmark city within the sub-center of the city.

Following the introduction of technical resources, it will focus on the buildup of digital content, the creation of industrial ecology as support, and the demonstration of application scenarios as tractions.

The goal is to strongly promote the development and innovation of the Metaverse industry in Beijing and also promote the in-depth integration of the real economy and digital technology.

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Highlights of the Basic Principles of the Metaverse Development in Beijing

To ensure the materialization of the plans to build the Metaverse in the city’s sub-center, the government has released some guiding principles. The highlights of these are enumerated as follows:

  • Adhere to government guidance and market leadership with a focus on the role of the market in market allocation and stimulating the vitality of innovative components.
  • Uphold innovation-driven elements as the team focuses on innovative resources and support for self-improvement and technological self-reliance as the foundation for the Metaverse development.
  • Adhere to content-oriented development and the core value of socialism while keeping high-quality content at the core of industrial cultivation
  • Focus on application pull as the Metaverse becomes closely integrated with the sub-center cities constructions.
  • Focus on safe development and ecological improvement while coordinating security and simultaneously strengthening capacity building and network data security management.

Blueprint for the Construction of the Metaverse

According to the Beijing Urban Sub-Center Metaverse Innovation & Development Action Plan, the committee working on the Metaverse project must focus on specific core tasks. These include:

  • Introduce the core resources for innovation while relying on the benefits of the science and technology innovation in Beijing
  • Organize core technology research while leveraging municipal and national-level relevant industrial action plans
  • Create an innovative empowerment platform to increase the introduction of technical resources, including 3D modeling, real-time rendering, simulation, physics engine, and dynamic capture, among others.

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