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MOBOX Releases Clash of Moland Alpha Test Settlement Details

The renowned cross-platform gaming metaverse, MOBOX, announces the closure of its Clash of Moland Alpha Test from 3:00 to 4:00 UTC on August 25. The reason for this closure is to enable settlement and during the period, gamers will not have access to the game. Following the Settlement Rules of the season, MOBOX will reset some parts of the game data. 

Highlights of Game Data to be reset

MOBOX will focus on specific data areas, which include Personal DataHeroMapRanking, and others. Here are the highlights of the game data reset.

Personal Data

MOBOX reveals that it will reset some parts of the personal data while it will not reset some. The parts that the game platform will reset include:

  • Wood, Iron Ore, Gold, Food, and Stone
  • Rename Cards and resources
  • All Chests
  • All Buildings & Tech Levels 
  • MEC reward progress

The parts that the game metaverse reveals that it will not reset include:

  • Diamonds and Alliance Gold
  • Summon Scrolls, Equipment, Equipment Materials, and Equipment Blueprints
  • MBOX Reward progress



In the category of Heroes, only Hero LevelAttribute PointsEXPAbility Level, and Ability Slots will be rest. However, all Heroes, Unlocked Abilities, and Hero Breakthrough Levels will not be reset. Additionally, MOBOX will not reset the Expanded Hero Slots.


Basically, all components of the Map will be reset. These include all city ownership, territory ownership, unlocked areas, and instance progress. All these components will reset in the game.


 MOBOX reveals that it will reset both the Leaderboards and Arena Points during this period.

Other Data Reset

The game platform also mentioned that it will reset some other data in the game during the reset process. These include Investment, Season Pass, Weekly Packs, Daily Packs, and Double Diamond offers. 

Gamers can buy all these assets again in the coming season. Other elements that will be reset include unclaimed rewards, all Mission progress, and MOMO Display status. Meanwhile, all alliances are to be dismissed.

Suffice to mention that the total rewards for the Clash of Moland Alpha Test are 12,000 MEC and 1,200 MBOX. Three LeaderboardsArenaPrestige, and Prosperity, and the top 300 gamers for each leaderboard will receive the rewards.

Following the Alpha test, gamers can continue to explore the game, but their game progress will not impact the test rewards in any way.

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