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Binance Launches Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Collection

Following an earlier announcement on the 17th of November, Binance has launched the Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection on its marketplace. The assets in this drop have different rarity levels. Similarly, they will also be sold via different methods. Some will be via subscription or mystery box purchase, while others will be via a 24-hr auction.

Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Collection Auction

By 09:00 UTC on the 18th of November, 45 NFTs with the highest scarcity levels will be open for a 24-hr auction. They include 5 Super Super Rare(SSR) and 40 Super Rare(SR) NFTs. This event will end at 09:00 UTC on the 19th of November. Floor prices are 10,000 $BUSD for SSR items, while bidding for SR collectables begins at 1,700 $BUSD.

Cristiano NFT Subscription Mechanism

Different form of the Cristiano Ronaldo NFT Collection Sale

Following the end of the auction on 18th November, Binance will launch an NFT subscription mechanism from 00:00 UTC on the 19th of November. This opportunity will be available till 02:00 UTC on the 21st of November. During this period, interested investors can sign up for specific tickets. Depending on their tickets, they will get the following NFTs:

  • The Rare tier involves either The Coming of Age or The Restoration non-fungible tokens. They are priced at 700 $BUSD each, and users can only purchase one ticket.

  • The Normal tier comprises The Breakout or The First Step NFTs. They are cheaper than rare items at 77 $BUSD each. However, users can acquire up to seven tickets.

To ensure fairness, Binance is dividing the subscription mechanism into four phases. This is as shown below:

  • Preparation: Choose the CR7 NFT that you want to purchase. Ensure you have at least 0.1 $BNB in your account before the 21st of November.
  • Subscription:  Select the ticket that houses the type of NFT you want to obtain. Remember that R items allow only one per user, while you can get up to 7 in the N rarity.
  • Calculation: The system will select winning tickets between 09:00 to 12:00 UTC on the 23rd of November.
  • Distribution: By 12:00 UTC on November 23rd, buyers will be able to redeem NFTs that correspond to their tickets.

CR7 Mystery Box Collection

The final form of this NFT sale is via a mystery box format. This offering is mainly for new users, although existing users can also participate. It will run from the 18th of November to the 18th of December. Use the referral code – Ronaldo for a special bonus. Afterwards, a lucky draw will be held on December 19th to reward holders of a mystery box with an SSR or SR NFT from the primary collection.

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