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Kommunitas Launches its KomNPlay Game Reaction Event

Following the launch of its game, KomNPlay, over a month ago, Kommunitas announced the launch of another special event for its community. The event, KomNPlay Game Reaction Event, aims to curate the reactions of gamers when playing the game.

Participants in the event stand a chance to win prizes. A total prize pool of 200,000 $KOM has been earmarked for the event. 50 winners, which means you have a bigger chance of winning if you participate.

Highlights of the Prize Distribution

As mentioned, fifty winners will be selected during the event. The first three positions will win a combined prize of 100,000 $KOM and the remaining 47 winners will share the balance of 100,000 $KOM. Here is the highlight of the prize distribution.

  • First Prize: 50,000 $KOM
  • Second Prize: 30,000 $KOM
  • Third Prize: $20,000 $KOM
  • 4th to 47th: a combined prize of 100,000 $KOM will be shared among them


How to Participate in the KomNPlay Game Reaction Event

The KomNPlay Game Reaction event will be interesting. To participate in the event, follow the following steps:

  • You are required to take pictures of yourself when playing any of the games in KomNPlay. It should be noted that there are no specific requirements on the type of games that you can play. You are free to choose any of the games to qualify for the event. 
  • Next, place the picture in your G-Drive link and connect your G-Drive link to the Givelab task column that is provided. Note that you must make the G-Driven open and accessible by setting the privacy in such a way that anyone can see it. 
  • Next, upload the picture on your Twitter page and tag @Kommunitas1. Also include #KomNPlay, #GameReaction, and #Kommunitas as the hashtag on your 
  • Copy the link to your tweet and add it to the Givelab column provided on the game platform.
  • Try to attain XPs of up to 20,000. You have to show proof of the XP by taking a screenshot and adding it to the same link drive where you inserted the picture you took while playing the KomNPlay game.

The KomNPlay Game Reaction event is currently live and will run until August 19, 2022. The distribution of prizes will be done on September 19. As highlighted above, 50 winners will get to share a total of 200,000 $KOM.

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