Dalarnia Launches Nexus Playtest and Contest Starting Thursday
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Dalarnia Launches Nexus Playtest and Contest Starting Thursday


  • Dalarnia Nexus Playtest: Set for June 20, 2024, this event offers a glimpse into the central hub of the Dalarnia Multiverse, where players can build and customize bases, and choose an avatar.
  • Future Features: Plans include avatar creation, social connections, NFT integration, item crafting, and unlocking new features through gameplay.
  • Contest: Post-playtest, players can enter ‘The Coolest Base in Dalarnia Contest’ by sharing their base design on Twitter for a chance to win a unique NFT decoration.

The gaming universe is abuzz as Dalarnia announces the launch of a special playtest for its eagerly anticipated Dalarnia Nexus, set to commence on June 20, 2024. This prototype playtest offers players a sneak peek into the central hub that will connect all DAR games, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the Dalarnia Multiverse.

What is Dalarnia Nexus?

Dalarnia Nexus is envisioned as more than just a platform; it’s a home base within the vast Dalarnia Multiverse. The upcoming playtest allows players to:

  • Build and Customize Your Dream BASE: Players can express their creativity by designing a unique space that showcases their style.
  • Choose Your Avatar: For now, participants can select from one of three distinct avatars for the playtest. However, future iterations promise a comprehensive avatar creation suite.

Future Aspirations

Dalarnia Launches Nexus Playtest and Contest Starting Thursday

Dalarnia’s developers are not resting on their laurels. They have grand plans for Dalarnia Nexus, including:

  • Avatar Creation: A feature allowing players to craft their digital personas.
  • Social Connections: An opportunity to connect with friends, share achievements, and draw inspiration from others’ bases.
  • NFT Integration: Personalize your base with NFTs from across the DAR Multiverse.
  • Crafting New Items: Utilize resources from the Mines of Dalarnia to create decorations and items.
  • Unlocking New Features: Earn points through gameplay to access new, dynamic features within Dalarnia Nexus.

The prototype playtest is open for a limited time on June 20, 2024, starting at 8:00 AM UTC and concluding at 6:00 PM UTC.

The Coolest Base in Dalarnia Contest

Following the playtest, Dalarnia will host a contest to find the most creatively designed base. Participants can enter by:

  1. Taking a screenshot of their base post-playtest.
  2. Sharing it on Twitter with @DAROpenNetwork tagged.
  3. Including a base description and using #DalarniaNexus and #DalarniaNexusPlaytest hashtags.

Multiple entries are permitted until June 21, 2024, at 2:00 PM UTC.

The Prize

The winner will collaborate with developers to create a unique NFT decoration for their base, delivered upon the official launch of Dalarnia Nexus. As Dalarnia gears up for this exciting event, players worldwide are invited to join in, explore, and contribute to shaping this digital frontier.

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