GamerHash Sponsors 700,000 players in The Sandbox
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GamerHash to bring 700,000 gamers to The Sandbox

Despite the state of the crypto market, there are still some reasons to celebrate. This is because GamerHash – a free and user-friendly app in which you earn by playing games and mining is helping to introduce more of its community members to decentralized gaming. The team is giving no less than 700,000 players the opportunity to join The Sandbox.

Through this partnership, the app hopes to create multiple experiences for players in The Sandverse. Speaking of such, the TRAVERSE is set for launch. This collaboration has been undergoing underground work for years now. As Gamer has been a long-standing fan of The Sandbox. Their team even bought a 6×6 LAND parcel from the first sales back in 2020. With the intent of introducing all seven hundred thousand members to the world of NFTs, crypto and the metaverse.

Details of GamerHash Partnership With The Sandbox

GamerHash and The Sandbox Partnership

All 700,000 members of the Gamerhash community consist of people in South East Asia that understand crypto and mining. As such, the app thought it wise to improve the community’s understand as regarding blockchain. This is why it chose The Sandbox. According to it, the metaverse is an impressive map that unleashes the creativity of people. As such, they did not need to overthink the decision. In addition, the Sandverse thrives from the active participation of the community. So increasing the already massive SAND community by 700,000 means more participation.

Sebastien Borget definitely seems happy to increase the strength of his GameFi project community members by 700,000. Speaking about the partnership, here is what the COO said:

“GamerHash has an active and engaged community of gamers and have found The Sandbox open metaverse to be a great playground for educating, rewarding, and engaging its members through the creative capabilities offered by our no-code Game Maker. It turned its ideas into reality and brought its mascot to life, making it possible to create expandable adventures its community can engage with, in true Web3 spirit.”

Arthur Pszczolkowski did not bother to hide his admiration for Sandbox. He also stated that he was eager for this collaboration. Here is what he said:

“We have known The Sandbox team for quite some time thanks to our Blockchain Game Alliance membership, it’s always been a pleasure to work with them. The project is constantly pushing the boundaries of the metaverse, gaming, and blockchain. This is why at GamerHash we are very keen on working together to unleash even more of the creative power — especially with our very strong Polish Discord server with a growing community of builders for The Sandbox.”

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