GensoKishi Market Maintenance Notice for Block NFT Gacha Release
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GensoKishi Market Maintenance Notice for Block NFT Gacha Release

On July 6, 2023, exciting new Block NFTs will launch in the genso marketplace. These special NFTs provide colorful cube textures and shapes for building in an all-new way.

Using the GENSO Maker BLOCK Builder tool, you can place, stack, and assemble the Block NFTs freely to create anything you can imagine.

What are Block NFTs by GensoKishi?

Block NFTs are NFTs made up of digital cubes that come in different colors and textures. You can collect them and use them to build creations in the GENSO Maker BLOCK Builder.

Introducing the GensoKishi GENSO Maker BLOCK Builder

The GENSO Maker BLOCK Builder or GMBB is a tool that lets you build freely with your Block NFTs. You can stack and arrange the cubes however you like to make anything, from simple shapes to elaborate structures. The possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve created something amazing with your Block NFTs, you can turn your creation into an NFT and place it on your LAND in the metaverse for all to see.

What are Block NFTs by GensoKishi?

How to Get Block NFTs

There are a few ways to get your hands on Block NFTs. Certain in-game items that have already dropped can be used to generate Block NFTs. These items serve other purposes as well. However, using them to make Block NFTs is optional.

You can also get Block NFTs through the new Block NFT Gacha in the marketplace. In the Gacha, you’ll receive a random type of Block NFT with each draw.

The rarer the Block NFT, the more cubes you’ll receive. Each Gacha draw costs 10 USDT, and for a limited time, you’ll also get a voting ticket for the Creator’s Program contest.

A New Gacha and Exciting Contest

The Block NFT Gacha by GensoKishi will launch along with the Block NFTs on July 6. It contains 20 different types of Block NFTs, and each draw will give you one random type.

Normal white Block NFTs may yield 30 in one draw, while rarer Block NFTs will provide more. Each Gacha draw is 10 USDT, and right now, you’ll also get a voting ticket for the Creator’s Program 1st UGC Contest with every draw.

Summing Up

During the update on July 6, the marketplace will be unavailable. However, once complete, you’ll be able to use the GENSO Maker BLOCK Builder to create your new Block NFTs and build amazing new structures in the metaverse!

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