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GunStar Metaverse Announces Ranking Mechanism Update in RaidBoss

The turn-based artillery game, GunStar Metaverse, has announced the details of the adjustments that the team will carry out in the ranking mechanism in RaidBoss in its upcoming update version. 

According to the game metaverse, the number of stages completed will determine the rank of a player. In other words, the more stages a player completes, the higher their ranking will be on the Leaderboard.

Highlights of the Ranking Mechanism Update in RaidBoss

Other details given concerning the ranking mechanism update in the RaidBoss game are enumerated as follows:

  • In situations where there are many players with the same volume of completed stages, the ranking will be determined by the volume of the JP units that each player has caused to the Monsters or Bosses in the current game stage.
  • When a player fails at any stage of the game and utilizes Raidpass to continue to participate in the RaidBoss game constantly, the player will start playing the game again at the same stage they failed.

Additionally, the amounts of HP units of Bosses/Monsters, as well as the supporting buffs they have used up in the earlier stage, will remain the same and unchanged.

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More Exciting News from GunStar Metaverse

The GunStar Metaverse earlier announced the introduction of two new features into its game metaverse, Pet Generations, and Pet Energy. These two new features will play a significant role in shaping the gameplay and strategy of the game.

The Pet Generations feature is a system where users create new Pet generations from Pet Fragments, NFT Eggs (that is Gen 0), $GSC (Gen 1), and $GSTS with unique advantages. Pet Energy offers divergent energy systems for each Pet generation created by users.

More about Pet Generations

New Pet Generations are Gen 0. They are hatches from originally minted eggs from the developers. These Pets include Bawaving, Horiding, Sniffing, Woruffing, Pifating, and Radenting.

Gen 0 has the benefits of not having energy limitations while playing in the campaign mode. The price of each pet is decided by the supply and demand curve in the market. The Gen 1 category of the Pet Generations includes the first set of pets created by gamers with the use of Pet Fragments, GST, and GSC.

These pets are created to be stronger than Gen 0 and they have strong benefits in playing the improved mission which offers more GSC than the regular campaign.

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