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How SoccerHub NFTs Stats Affect Players’ PvP Results

After the recently concluded League 1 of SoccerHub ManagersSoccerHub NFTs have revealed the impacts of the game’s statistics on the PvP Results of players

In preparation for the next Leagues of the PvP season, NFT Players on the platform must have a good grasp of the statistics and how they affect PvP results. Suffice to mention that SoccerHub NFTs is the first play-to-earn blockchain-based multi-player soccer game platform.

What are the Statistics?

Statistics refer to basic information about the player. These include the quality of the player, field roles, heights and weight, nationality, available skill points, market value, special ability, age, season wage, and left-footed/right-footed. It generally means the “About” of an NFT player.

  • Age

In the real world, the level of experience of a player is determined by the number of seasons he has played. This same logic applies to the SoccerHub NFTs game. Players on the gaming platform all have peak age and retirement age.

The peak age refers to the season when the player is highly talented. He can train and participate in tournaments to boost his statistics. However, when he gets to the retirement age, the stats of the player begin to decrease gradually.

  • Weight and Height

These factors significantly impact the strength of a player and also affect the strength of the team. Headers and other in-game situations are all related to these statistics.

  • Roles

Every player has a position assigned to him. There are fourteen roles that a player can occupy on the pitch. These are Goalkeeper, Defender Right, Defender Left, Defender Center, Defensive midfield Right, Defensive Midfielder Left, and Defensive Midfielder Center.

They also include Midfielder Right, Midfielder Right, Attacking Midfielder Right, Attacking Midfielder Left, Attacking Midfielder Center, and Striker. Apart from the goalkeeper, other roles are measured based on the same statistics.


Highlights of the Statistics of a Goalkeeper and Players

goalkeeper must have specific base statistics. These include reflexes, communication, anticipation, kicking, agility, and aerial reach. He should also have good statistics in rushing out, punching, throwing, and concentration.

A player should have detailed statistics and random abilities. There are three categories of attributes, which include Physical, Attack, and Defense. These contribute to the quality of the player.

Other players should also have base stats in the areas of passing, crossing, dribbling, shooting, tackling, finishing, positioning, fitness, strength, bravery, marking, heading, creativity, speed, and aggression.

How to Acquire Players

Individuals that are interested in owning their soccer club can do so through five different means. These include buying NFT players, Auction, Youth Academy, Direct Offers, and Scout List. The last three methods are currently under discussion.

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