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Impossible Finance Plans to Host Crypto-gaming Festival

In its pursuit of growing the Impossible Ecosystem, Impossible Finance, a multi-chain incubator, launchpad, and swap platform, has announced its plans to host the Impossible Finance 0xlympics. According to the launchpad, 0xlympics is inspired by the Olympics.

The event brings the Olympics to Play-to-Earn where guilds will compete against each other in different GameFi events. Impossible Finance says it wants this event to become a “global crypto-gaming festival” and competition to unite games, guilds, and players in the space. It will also help to establish a controlled GameFi e-sports talent pool.

What to Expect from the 0xlympics Event

The play-to-earn event will see guilds competing in some of the most well-known Web3 games for the ultimate championship title. While sharing the beauty and fun of play-to-earn gaming, the event will also showcase the development and potential of Web3 and GameFi.

Impossible Finance also hopes to introduce core innovation partners in the gaming space and equip new projects to display their cutting-edge technology and ideas through 0xlympic.

Impossible finance

Highlights of the Guild and Game Partners of the 0xlympics Event

The launchpad platform announced that it confirmed the participating guilds in the Impossible Finance 0xlympics 2022 event. The participants include Ancient8, Hooga Gaming, GuildFi, AvocadoDAO, PathDAO, Merit Circle, and Shadow Legacy Guild.

These guilds will send their players to compete in Thetan Arena, Axie Infinity, and Cyball games. The launchpad also mentioned that it partnered with Azuro, a betting platform, to heighten the excitement. Viewers have the chance to predict events during the 0xlympics and win rewards.

Overview of the 0xlympics Tournament

A total of eight teams will participate in the event with a single elimination from the best of three. The platform says it will release the full schedule of the event soon. It further stated it will stream 0xlympics through YouTube, ryptovoxel, Facebook, and Twitch to allow all everyone to watch and cheer their favorite teams. 

More Information about Impossible Finance

Impossible Finance is a crypto investment platform empowering users with high-quality, accessible, and fair crypto opportunities. It simplifies DeFi to enable everyone to enjoy cheaper trading, fairer investing, and better yields through its launchpad, accelerator, and swap platform.

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