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MOBOX Set to Launch Clash of MOLAND Beta Test

The cross-platform gaming metaverse, MOBOX, has announced the launch of the Clash of MOLAND Beta Test. The test will begin on September 8 at 3:00 UTC and ends on September 21. Participants need MEC and REAL MBOX in their BOX wallet to participate in the event

MOBOX reveals that it will refund all MEC and MBOX spent during the Beta test after the conclusion f the event. 

How to Participate in the Clash of MOLAND Beta Test

All users are eligible to participate in the test. All they have to do is click on the “Clash of MOLAND” section on the MOBOX homepage. They can also log in through the MOBOX app to participate. The game platform announced that the Alpha Test ends on September 7, and the servers will shut down in preparation for the Clash of MOLAND Beta test. 

It is also worth mentioning that the platform will adjust the MBOX rewards temporarily to 0.01%. Additionally, the maximum MBOX amount in the season reward pool is placed at 3000, and the total leaderboard reward is 60,000 MEC. 

Three leaderboards, Prosperity, Arena, and Prestige, are in the Beta test, and the top 300 players from each leaderboard will receive the rewards. 


Highlights of Clash of MOLAND Beta Test Adjustment

MOBOX mentioned its team may perform frequent adjustments and updates during the test. It also stated that the Beta version may differ from the official version at launch. The preview of the Clash of MOLAND Beta Test adjustment includes:

  • Castle: MOBOX added a new building, Medical Center where seriously injured soldiers will receive treatment for fast recovery. It also added extra MOMO display space and adjusted the required resources for Master Blueprint and building upgrades.
  • World: The team removed Instances and added more NO Lord City. It also adjusted the World terrain to enable players to defend properly against enemies. It also added City Buff to the No Lord City and the search function to the World.
  • Heroes: The platform redesigned all heroes’ skills and adjusted the hero cap to thirty. It also added unique skills for Rare, Epic, and Legendary heroes.
  • Alliance: MOBOX removed faction restrictions and added several alliance technologies.
  • Chest: The team added treasure hunting gameplay.
  • Events: It also added new limited-time events, including Harvest Time, Clarion Call, and Siege of the City.
  • Others: Players will get new player protection for 24 hours when entering the Clash of MOLAND game. The platform increased the Tactical Points’ upper limit and the recovery speed, adjusted Arena difficulty and all shop items, and reduced EXP rewards in PVP and territorial battles.

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