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LabRats NFT Pre-sale Event Holds Today, December 16

LabRats NFT, an NFT-based play-to-earn game platform has confirmed the date and time for the launch of its pre-sale event. 5,555 LabRats have been infected with toxins waiting to be minted at the event. The event is slated to take place today, December 16 at 4 pm EST. 

The event will take place at the official website of LabRats NFT. Participants have the option to mint through mobile devices or on Desktops. The price for the mint is 0.045 ETH for each LabRat. You have to hold at least one LabRat to be able to enter the LabRat Arcade and you need two LabRats to create a Mutant

Suffice to mention that the first hour of the minting event is dedicated to only whitelisted participants after which the general public can participate in the event. LabRats NFT is a play-to-earn game metaverse where players need to own LabRats to participate in the game adventures. 

Highlights of LabRats NFTs

LabRats NFTs are a product of a group of rebel Lab Technicians who bred 5,555 genetically modified LabRats. There are four categories of these creatures with some looking cute and others not so fine. Each of these creatures has been infected with a toxin. 

labrats NFT

The in-game currency for the gameplay is $TOXIN and you need to have LabRats to have access to the currency. The Common LabRats is the first category and they are the cute type. The second category is the Rare LabRats category and these have been infected. 

The third category is the Super Rare LabRats and these are toxic. The final category is the Ultra-Rare LabRats, which are referred to as One of the Ones

How the Game Platform Works

Members of the LabRats game platform must own at least a LabRat to participate in the community. Each Genesis LabRat yields 10 $TOXIN automatically every day for the next ten years. You need $TOXIN to participate actively in the community because this currency is central to the lab. 

It is required to power experiments in breeding, customization, and governance. As a currency holder, you have the right to participate in the decision-making relating to the future of the Lab and its entire collections.

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