Legend of the Metaverse Public Sale
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Legends of the Metaverse Public Sale Goes Live

Did you miss out on the official launch and presale of Legends of the Metaverse? Here is another opportunity to grab and mint in-game NFTs. The game launches the public sale event on the 24th of October 2021. New Warriors of Valar can join in and benefit from this opportunity.

Details of The Sale

In this public sale, all shard will hold the same value. Members will get 1x rare genesis legend for every shard that they hold or buy. You can also use them for breeding as the game develops. One important reason to buy digital assets now is that only members who have them will be able to partake in the Genesis land minting event.

Besides the land minting event, holders of these assets will also get special access to the DAO token minting event. Members are encouraged to buy at least two shards. This will enable them to breed in-game characters. It will be difficult to get premium gameplay experience if you cannot breed.

There are different levels of token rarity. These levels are particular to the different tribes in the Metaverse. They include the the Adurald, Amaryx, Corthyst and Flayvane. Below are the details of the token distribution:

  • Amaryx:   1500 AMARYX SHARDS  =  ZERN TRIBE
  • Adurald:   2500 ADURALD SHARDS    =  TOVARIS TRIBE

How to Buy and Mint Tokens

Connect Metamask for Public Sale

To join in this public sale, visit the Legend of the Metaverse Open Sea platform. On the website, select the in-game item you want and input the amount that you want to buy. Depending on the medium with which you want to use to pay, you can select either Ethereum or USD. While buying NFTs, you can also select the blockchain that you prefer.

As mentioned earlier, another reason to buy these token is to enable players partake in minting exercises. This is the Official Minting Link for Legends of the Metaverse. The game is making this information public so that members do not fall for minting scams. To partake in this minting exercise, you can connect your Metamask wallet to the link.

Difference Between Presale and Public Sale

Some persons may be wondering the difference between a presale and public sale. This is most likely considering that LOTM just concluded its presale not too long ago. Presale is the sale of tokens to an exclusive group of investors. On the other hand, public sale (like its name states) is available to every member of the public.

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