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Metaverse May End the Use of Passwords

The metaverse is gaining ground and breaking bounds with each passing day. More often than not, these virtual worlds on blockchain have been touted mainly for entertainment. As such, it is not surprising that games are the niches embracing this innovation. However, all that may just be about to change, as there are signs that this decentralized tech may relieve the need for passwords.

The idea of virtual spaces being the gatekeeper of security seems farfetched. Especially in consideration that these digital universes are prone to cyber-attacks. However, a recent report by Ermeas proves that web3 offers a very simple and easy-to-use solution to the current online safety concerns.

The Italian firm that uses Artificial Intelligence for its cybersecurity pointed out the recent feud between Twitter and Elon Musk. According to the Tesla founder, there were too many bots on the social media platform. As such, the billionaire was advocating for an identity-based approach to authentication. This approach allows users to bypass the need to input passwords when accessing their accounts.

In addition, most tech companies are already working towards a passwordless future. Leading firms like Google, Apple, Samsung and many others have already introduced biometric authentication for the users of their devices. Even better, many software companies are equally integrating these measures into their applications.

How the Metaverse Can End the Use of Passwords

Secure Passwords

Before identifying how the metaverse can end the need for passwords, Ermes admitted that the current approach to authorization is flawed. The password-based system for both the virtual world and social media is flawed. In addition, the process is also too complex and unsustainable. On the contrary, biometrics systems are very easy to use and make life easier for everyone. Even better, these innovations are improving with each passing day.

The metaverse can help users bypass the need for passwords by using biometric verification upon entry. After that, people can continue accessing the features and services within the virtual space. The Italian AI company is incorporating unique individual elements for authentication. These include fingerprint, face or live IDs. For example, the system may ask you to take a selfie before you can log in. This process is very simple and effective, such that anyone can use it.

Hackers often look for user credentials during a security breach. Then they use this information to access and steal info from the central database. Ermes offers BlockID, a blockchain product that uses biometric authorization to give users access. This software stores user data on a decentralized ledger at the backend. Therefore, there will be no unified platform that malicious third parties can exploit.

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