Crabada Battle Game v1.1.0 Update
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Crabada Battle Game v1.1.0 Update Goes Live

Following an earlier announcement last week, Crabada has launched the Battle Game v1.1.0 update. The upgrade will take place by 7 AM UTC on the 17th of October 2022. This announcement comes just after Arena Challenges for Week 15. Following that release, there will be a 2-hour downtime to effect it across the following platforms:

  • Android: This includes both on PlayStore and the Android APK on the website.
  • Windows: Installation package.
  • macOS: Installation package.
  • iOS: The improved version will only be available on App Store.

Meanwhile, there may also be expected delays from both Apple App Store and Android PlayStore. It all depends on how long it takes before these platforms approve the Crabada Battle Game v1.1.0 Update. Android device users can download the APK from the website and start playing immediately.

In the meantime, only players with the latest version will enjoy this update. Anyone with editions lower than v1.1.0 will have to install the most recent variant. In the meantime, the team is celebrating this milestone by rewarding players who participated in the Battle Game before this update.

Their compensations include the following:

  • 100 Diamonds
  • 1,000 Rubies
  • 100 Dragnets
  • 300 Spinach
  • 5,000 Crystal Shells

Gamers do not need to do anything as the gifts will be distributed directly to the eligible persons. After the update, it will be in their inbox when they login to Battle Game.

All You Need to Know About The Crabada Battle Game v1.1.0 Update

Crabada Battle Game Mining and Looting Rewards

The new update will feature substantial in-game changes. Some of these include the following:

  • Special Mining Zones: Before now, there was a maximum number of times players could mine in a special mining zone. Following this upgrade, the team is removing this limit and allowing users to explore these areas for as long and many times as they wish.
  • Mining and Looting Times: Crabada is also reducing the time it takes to Mine or Loot. Mining now takes 20 minutes, while you can complete a Loot in 15 minutes.
  • Material Chests: Users will now get One Material Chest after completing a Loot or Mine instead of receiving pieces of material. This will be the same regardless of the mining or looting outcome.
  • Sudden Death: When a battle exceeds 30 turns, all Crabada will get 30 attack boosts. This amount will increase after every 6 turns till it reaches 200% attack.

Below are the rewards for every Mine/Loot that you complete:

  • 1 Material Chest
  • 1 Guardian’s Bounty for the winner of the battle.
  • Up to 100 Rubies per day.
  • Crystal Shells for the first three Mines or Loots per day.
  • Players can get up to 300 XP per day.

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