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Mines of Dalarnia Set to Hold Miner Skin Concept Art Competition

Mines of Dalarnia, a blockchain-based action-adventure game platform, announced the launch of its Miner Skin Concept Art Competition Volume 1: Halloween 2022

The competition is open to everyone and participants have a chance to have their idea featured in the Mines of Dalarnia game. According to the game platform, the team wants their community to be an active part of the development of the game world. 

What Does the Miner Skin Concept Art Competition Entail?

Participants are expected to submit Halloween-inspired Miner Holo Suit Designs, which will commemorate the official debut of the Holo Suits. This debut will take place at the end of October at the Dalarnia Halloween event

To make the event more festive, the game platform is calling for creative minds to create and design exceptionally mysterious and supernatural designs that fit into the Halloween theme. The game metaverse is looking for three unique Miner Skin Concepts created by members of its community to be used for in-game Miner Holo Suits

mines of dalarnia

Highlights of the Miner Skin Concept Art Competition

The competition has two parts – the registration and the voting. To participate in the event, interested participants must complete the required Google Form. In addition, they have to adhere to the following instructions:

  • Follow all the social media accounts of Mines of Dalarnia, including Twitter, Telegram, and Discord
  • Like the official Twitter Announcement and retweet it through Quote Retweet using #ConceptDAR. They also have to tag three of their creative friends. Participants should include the link to their Retweet in the required space on the Google Form
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions of the competition
  • Upload the concept art created using the format – CONCEPT ART 2022 – Twitter Name – as the file name

Provide their BSC Wallet AddressThe submission for the Mines of Dalarnia Concept Art Volume 1 starts at 10:00 am UTC on August 1 and will run until 11:59 pm UTC on September 20. 

Each participant can only make one submission. At the end of the submission period, the team will choose ten entries, and the community will get to vote for the top 3.

Rewards for the Winners

1st Place

  • 1000 $DAR Tokens and Mining Pass
  • A Limited Edition Armor Skin NFT based on the art concept of the winner.

2nd Place

  • 750 $DAR Tokens and Mining Pass
  • A Limited Edition Armor Skin NFT based on the art concept of the second place winner

3rd Place

  • 450 $DAR Tokens and Mining Pass
  • A Limited Edition Armor Skin NFT based on the art concept of the third place winner

Other consolation prizes include:

  • 250 $DAR tokens and Mining Pass for the 4th and 5th positions
  • 20 $DAR tokens and Mining Pass for the 6th to 10th positions

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